Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and visualisation interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. Nextion is mainly applied to IoT or consumer electronics field. It is the best solution to replace the traditional LCD and LED Nixie tube.

The Nextion Enhanced series are more powerful compared to the Nextion Basic series. In addition to a faster MCU clock, the Enhanced series support: built-in RTC, 1K EEPROM for user data, 8 digital GPIO, larger Flash capacity, and more RAM.

Alexander RZ1ZR is the exclusive author of the Nextion Amplifier firmware
To load Nextion, an SD card with the corresponding file is inserted. The screen is controlled by Arduino Nano with a different firmware, also created by Alexander RZ1ZR. You can buy both firmwares directly : rz1zr@mail.ru


(A) FWD Power Meter Output (pep)
(B) SWR Meter Output.
(C) Drain Current Meter.
(D) Temperature Indicator (°C)
(E) Drain Voltage Meter.
(F) Alarm Indicators Zone.
(G) Transmission  Indicator.
(H) Antenna Switch zone.
(I)  Protections and Alarms Button Reset.
(J) Band Select Buttons zone.
(K) Automatic Segment Indicator.
(L) Automatic or Manual Fan Control Button
Default Automatic selection at startup activates the RF Band Decoder (1). The signal emitted by the radio selects the appropriate Low Pass Filter segment. Display sample (2) shows automatically selected segment indicator. Keep in mind that in SSB mode the radio will not emit RF until it modulates, 200 milliwatt are necessary to detect the current frequency it is worth noting that some radios make a small click when you press PTT, this is enough to detect the appropriate segment quickly. The ON AIR transmission sequence takes 25 milliseconds.
You can also select the segments directly on the TFT buttons, the RF decoder will be disabled. The ON AIR transmission sequence takes 15 milliseconds. (Manual selection recommended for CW mode). 
If you manually select an incorrect segment, the protection pulls the amplifier down, the display shows ERROR LOW PASS FILTER (3)
For recovery, correct the selected segment and press the button (4)

Temperature and Cooling Fans

The temperature is constantly monitored and show on the Display (1). If the temperature is <50°C the cooling fans turn 30% permanent. When the temperature is> 50°C, the fans automatically accelerate to 100% and return to 30% when the temperature is = 45°C. The fan control button (2) sets the fan to permanent Maximum speed, this option is recommended for prolonged operation.

When the fan speed is 100%, it is shown in the area of the display indicator (3).

If the temperature is> 65°C degrees, the system goes to Cool Down (4), the recovery is 55°C.

Antenna Config (New)

All Protections

Despite the robustness of an LDMOS amplifier device, it is necessary to protect the circuits to avoid damage caused by user malfunction and accidents. Ensuring the correct handling of the user and extends the life of the device.
The error indicator area (1) derives several ads on the same tab (2).
ERROR SWR: The Amplifier stop when SWR is> 2.0. Note; with a power output of 1200 watts the reflected will 133 watts. For recovery check the antenna and press RESET.
ERROR LP FILTER: The Amplifier stop when segment selection is wrong. For recovery check the selected segment and press RESET.
ERROR PWR 700 WATTS: With Carrier Continuous> 700 watts more than 8 seconds The Amplifier makes a stop. For recovery reduce RF input and press RESET.
ERROR PWR: The amplifier stops if the output power is> 1300 watts. For recovery reduce RF input and press RESET.
ERROR HI CURRENT: The amplifier stops if the drain current is> 37 amps, or SWR is high. For recovery reduce RF input and press RESET.
ERROR HI VOLTAGE: The solid-state switch does not deliver if the voltage is> 55 volt. For recovery turns off and, on the amplifier, if the problem continues it is a fault in the device.
ERROR TEMP: If the temperature is> 65°C , the system goes to Cool Down, the recovery is <55°C.
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