Low Pass Filter

Low Pass Filter Sets designed for amateur Radio segments in bands 160, 80, 60/40, 30/20, 17/15, 12/10, 6 Meters. Supported nominal power of 1300 Watts in SSB mode and 700 Watts at Continuous Carrier.


LPF Connections

All IDC connections are compatible with current KM3KM designs.



Band Pass Captures:

The bandpass at lower frequencies is not perfect , but it is aseptable considering the type of capacitors and the standardity available in the market. Attenuation for harmonics if it is good for all bands, this filter board can be used in a 1.2 KW amplifier and can meet the specifications of the FCC Part 97.307 attenuating -43 dB and -60dB VHF. The recipient is responsible for the final results and measurements to comply the FCC regulations.



Return Loss Capture:

The results for Return Loss are very good in all bands, the result is better,   than -20 dB (VSWR1.2). Note that it will not be the same result in different units due   to the adjustment and tolerance of the capacitors, although they will be satisfying results and similar to the analysis shown. This device is very robust and has been reported in continuous work for more than a year. A low speed fan is recommended in front of the ferrite cores.



Coupler Capture:

Directivity from 1.8 to 50 MHz (-32dB). It is very good, you can measure FWD and REF with good accuracy throughout the range of the filter set. Keep in mind that the final measurement may be affected by external factors. The probe delivers a linear DC voltage of approximately 12 volts for 1200 watts.


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