Full Kit


Parts and modules needed, to assemble the mercuryIIIS

  • Power Unit (BLF189XRAU)
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Controller
  • Antenna Switch
  • Case
  • Power Supply (120v-240v Auto-volt)
  • Display (7 inch touch screen)
  • Firmware will be preinstalled
  • All Hardware…this includes all related parts…All screws/nuts, Fans Heatsink Coax, Cables, RCA wire for ALC/PTT, rosin-core solder, etc

All modules and hardware tested and tuned, with one year of warrantee…..$2499.00. Plus FREE shipping in the continental US

AC power cord is not included, purchase the cable needed acording to your AC outlets in your shack.

Feel the pride of assembling your own AMP, and taking part of the final product. To order your kit please contact us : km3kmcontact@gmail.com



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