Hello Fellow Ham Radio Operators: Thank you for being part of the mercury family, I am so grateful that when KM3KM Electronics started to manufacture amplifiers as kits over four years ago most of you saw the potential. The early struggles were real as no one knew who we were; the original mercury was designed and built with the idea of providing close friends an innovative solution to a need that was not being met by the larger companies. Then came the mercuryI, followed by the mercuryII and the version that made our reputation in the business — the mercuryIIIS.
I am now humbled and proud to introduce you to the Mercury LUX, incorporating not only the next technology evolution but requests as well from operators all over the world. Your petitions have been heard. . . The Mercury LUX boasts full legal limit, CAT Control, Remote operation with PC Control software, and an expanded user interface, all in the smallest package in the Amplifier market.

This new addition to the KM3KM family of hardware has been designed with the intention to continue our industry leading warrantee and support. Even in these trying times of recession and other global challenges KM3KM continues to lead the way in HF amplifier manufacturing and provide not only a sleek design but ease of operation in the smallest package for an amplifier of its class at a price that has always been the way KM3KM intended from the early designs and products offered before. Reachable by everyone that wants one, for the price of $4,300.00 including all transaction fees + Free Shipping. Available in assembled version only.

I invite you to be placed on the now current list and if you are already on the list just let us know your choice on the mercuryIIIS or the Mercury LUX when we send you your deposit email. 


Kenny (KM3KM) 

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