Track List Status


Enter the order number you would like to track in the form below.

MercuryIIIS and Mercury LUX orders only.
The list will be updated weekly.
The delivery terms and lead times will be those agreed to before sending the deposit, we are working hard to deliver your order as soon as possible. We appreciate that you view your list status using this method, and not by e-mail.
List process sequence:
1-Request. (The request is through e-mail you will receive a confirmation in less than 24 hours)
2-On The List. (The lead time may be less due to increase production plans and non-response from those on the list)
3-Payment Received. (We will contact you for the down payment, then officially the order is placed, after receiving the payment the components are collected and your Amplifier will go into production)
4-AMP in Production. (The production time can be 1 or 2 months)
5-Test and Quality Control. (Your Amplifier is fully assembled and tested 1 or 2 weeks before its ready to ship)
6-Ready to Send. (Your Amplifier will be sent immediately if the invoice is fully paid)
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