Terms and Conditions

Factory assembled products manufactured by KM3KM Electronics LLC, can be returned for a refund of your purchase price. Upon receipt you have 10 days to return your product it must be returned in its original packaging, subject to a restoking fee.
Each returned product will incur a 10% restocking fee. It is solely at the discretion of KM3KM Electronics LLC to assess the returned product for any damages and determine if these damages are repairable and if they are, the cost to repair will be subtracted from the refund. Any refund will also be less any shipping charges that may have been incurred by KM3KM Electronics LLC to the customer. If a product arrives in a damaged state either by shipping or determined to be caused by the customer beyond the price of the refund this would make the Item non-resalable and therefore non-refundable and will be returned to the customer. 
By purchasing KM3KM Electronics LLC equipment, the Purchaser declares his acceptance of the  Warranty and Terms and Conditions.
You agree that: KM3KM Electronics LLC is not responsible for physical damage, burns, accidents, or interference damage in any third-party electronic equipment. KM3KM Electronics LLC warrants the MERCURY AMP to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Your MERCURY AMP is tested before shipping to ascertain that everything works 100% as described. If you find this not to be the case notify KM3KM Electronics LLC within 48 Hours of receiving the product at km3kmcontact@gmail.com for a resolution or it can be determined that the reported problem was caused by the customer.
Covered: Your MERCURY AMP is covered under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year including shipping from the date of delivery to the first buyer, the warrantee is not transferable. Note that we will not charge labor to replace LDMOS or any other repair after the warranty expires. Customer will pay for parts and shipping after warranty expires. This will also apply to second hand MERCURY AMP owners. When the product is returned to the factory and an examination of the MERCURY AMP discloses in KM3KM’s judgment to have been defective during the Warranty Period, it will be repaired and shipped back at no cost to the customer. KM3KM Electronics LLC will send the customer a pre-paid shipping label during the warrantee period.
Not  Covered: Warranty does not cover if your MERCURY AMP has been subjected to damage from natural causes such as lightning, water, flood, fire and other catastrophes. Warranty does not cover damage from improper installation application, vandalism or overdriving with more than 60 Watts in accordance with the operating specification, as determined by internal logging system. When sending in the MERCURY AMP for service, please pack it carefully, preferably in the original box and packing materials, improper packaging that causes damage and needs repair is solely the responsibility of the customer that packed and shipped the product.
Please include a note with your name, address, e-mail and phone number, that clearly describes the problem. If it is deemed that it is not due to failure due to manufacturing, material or workmanship the customer will be charged for parts return shipping and original shipping label.
Cancellation Fees: All canceled orders will incur the cost of the transaction’s fees PayPal charges, when processing your order and for the refund. Please note that these charges are not passed on to our customers but, if you cancel, we will not absorb them.
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