TFT Display File



MercuryIIIS Amplifiers that were sold in KIT form have a unique display firmware for each one that statically show the CALL SIGN of the original purchaser on the main screen, and cannot be changed through setup.

As more customers decide to sell their mercuryIIIS assembled KITS and since the CALL SIGN cannot be edited, we can redo the Display firmware with the CALL SIGN of the new owner for a small administrative fee.

Please make sure you need this service as any refunds requested will be minus service fees…

After making the purchase we will send you by Email the new file (IN THREE BUSINESS DAYS) with the updated CALL SIGN and the instructions for the procedure. Updating the Display is very easy.

Please, it is extremely important that you add in the purchase notes the current CALL SIGN that is shown on the screen and the new CALL SIGN that you want to be shown on the screen. Also add in the note the Email where you want us to send the file.

Note that this service is only for mercuryIIIS AMPS sold in KIT form that do not have a setup option to change the CALL SIGN, all other FCC certified mercuryIIIS AMPS allow editing of the CALL SIGN through the setup.

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