mercuryIIIS Parts


RF Band Decoder. SWR/FWD Meters. V/C Meters. ALL Protections for LDMOS. Relays and Fans Driver.

Low Pass Filter

1.8 – 54 MHz  Ham Radio Segments Chebyshev Filters. 1500 Watts SSB. SWR Coupler on Board.

Power Unit

1200 Watts HF. BLF189 LDMOS .0.5 Inch Copper Spreader. Temperature sensor on Board.

Antenna Module

1500 Watts HF. 3 Antenna Switches. ALC Circuit.



7 Inch Resistive Touch Color Screen. 800×480 pixel. Touches >1 million . Backlight lifetime >30,000 Hours



 L13.5 x W12 x H5.5 Inch’s. 18GAGE, COLD ROLLED STEEL. Paint  Federal Standard 595  FLAT BLACK

Power Supply

120-240v Auto-sensing Voltage. 53V/65A DC output. MTBF >500.000 Hours.


All manufacturing is done in Florida USA, the boards and all components are of the highest quality and the parts are genuine. Harmonic attenuation meets the FCC requirements of 43db in HF and 60db in VHF of Part 97.307, however the recipient is responsible to follow the FCC regulations. This KIT is designed and provided for licensed Ham Radio operators only.
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