We provide all the necessary parts and hardware for you to enjoy building your own amplifier.

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 Warranty as of 2/27/2022

KIT Warranty: KM3KM Electronics LLC warrants the mercuryIIIS kit to be free from defects in material and workmanship. We pre-assemble and test the mercuryIIIs kit before shipping to be 100% sure everything works as described before disassembly and packaging. NO RETURNS
COVERED: All parts and boards under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year shipping is not included from the date of delivery to the first buyer.
NOT COVERED: LDMOS DEVISE in kit version due to assembly, first testing and improper operation may cause immediate or future damage to the devise. Warranty does not extend if your mercuryIIIS has been subjected to damage from natural causes such as lightning, water, fire and other catastrophes. Warranty does not cover damage from improper installation, application or overdriving with more than 100 watts in accordance with the operating specification. 

Very important: The KIT is assembled in a mockup case to make sure that everything works correctly before shipping, if something does not work as described in the First Test as described in the Assembly Manual, contact us immediately to help you solve the assembly problem and not void the warranty.

Please note that we will not charge labor to replace a damaged LDMOS or any other repair before or after the warranty expires. Customer will pay shipping before and after warranty expires. This will also apply to second hand mercuryIIIS.
 When sending in the mercuryIIIS for service, please pack it carefully, preferably in the original box and packing materials, and ship it insured for your protection KM3KM is not responsible for damages in shipment. Please include a note with your name, address and e-mail or phone number, that clearly describes the problem. Shipping is not included from the date of delivery to the first buyer.
Due to improper assembly of kits by some costumers and high cost in shipping for problems that were not related to actual failures, we have had to change this part of the warrantee in order to keep from raising the kit price.
Please note that changes will only affect new orders, if you have made a deposit or already purchased the mercuryIIIS KIT before 02/27/2022, the policy and warranties will not change.

Over View as of 2/27/2022

KIT total price $2,499 + Shipping within the continental US and Puerto Rico.

A deposit of $1,200 will be required to begin the manufacturing process of your order. Then the balance when the order is close to being shipped.

Please note that the parts and assembly process will be as we have been doing. We provide all the necessary components, boards including all solder points, so you can enjoy building your mercuryIIIS amp. We will send you a thumb drive with details and videos on how to assemble it. The only thing we do not ship the C14 type power cord because many electrical outlets are different.

Our product manufacturing and assembly is done in Florida USA. All components are genuine and highest quality. 
• Operating Bands 160m – 6m (Ham Bands)
• RF Auto Band Decoding
• 7-inch Color Touch Screen
• DI Voltage/DI Current Meter
• All Protection
• Selection for 3 Antennas w/Memory.
• 1200 watts SSB/CW
• 700 watts DIGI mode

Assembly Manual Download

KIT User Manual Download

Harmonics Measurements Download

Due to the large number of requests and the manufacturing capacity affected by Covid-19, we have opted to maintain a waiting list to be able to make sure we can place a mercuryIIIS in the shack of every amateur radio operator who wants one. The wait may be longer than 1 year, but this wait may decrease due to non-response from applicants or an increase in our 2022 production, we thank you so much for your patience. The deposit is not needed to be placed on the list, when your name comes up we will send a payment link to process your order. We heard your requests and will provide the mercuryIIIS in two ways.
Please fill the form below to be added to the list, we will confirm by e-mail as soon as possible.
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